Dear customers,

let me present to you our production range and bring to your attention some of the products we offer.

Our company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing cut-glass mirrors since it was established in 1990, as a continuation of a 20-year tradition of glass cutting in our family. What we emphasise most in the making of our cut-glass mirrors is precision and the highest possible standard of hand work. We produce mirrors to our own designs and to designs by independent artists, as well as custom-made mirrors to customers' designs and specifications.

The technologies employed are cutting, grinding, edge seaming and beveling, polishing, engraving and sand blasting. We carry out the finishing procedures of vacuum silvering and protective coating to ensure a long-lasting, top-quality product. Our mirrors can be glued, classically screwed, fitted into a wooden frame or glued onto the wall. Robust packaging offers perfect protection during shipment.

Let us briefly introduce a few types of mirrors we produce:

Classical - Screwed Mirrors
(Birds, Jarda) are decorated with a floral or ornamental pattern; individual parts have edges with polished bevels. All parts are screwed onto a wooden panel, with the screws hidden under glass flowers.

Glued Mirrors
(Shawl, Lily) are decorated with glossy or matt, ornamental or embossed patterns. Some glued mirrors are fitted into high quality wooden frames (Sea).

Round Mirrors
are decorated with an embossed pattern and polished beads. The edge is a polished bevel. A hanging clip is mounted on the rear surface.

Glued - on - Wall Mirrors
are assembled from the individually cut parts and glued onto the wall directly on the spot, mostly applied in bathrooms.

We sincerely hope that our selection will inspire your choice and that you will become our company's yet another fully satisfied customer

Ji Suchomel